TM-Nano-3T Combo

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 26 Nov 2014 (15:40 UTC)

Technomate TM-Nano-3T Combo

As it arrived out of the box I could not get the the terrestrial tuner scanning and as the unit is a new arrival on the scene support seems a little sketchy. I'd been playing with an upgraded OpenPLi image over the weekend since that is what the unit had shipped with, but it now appears that one has to switch to OpenVix in order to access all the facilities of the box. Initially tried out with build identified on the Technomate links, but after proving that I had terrestrial channels I tried an update and after an hour I decided it may have a problem so re-flashed with current build direct from the OpenVix site. ( TM-Nano-3T Combo Software OpenVix Images -> ).

Currently running through the channel scans to see just where we are, then I can have a play with the 1Tb disk that finlly landed this morning. I have a nice new 64Gb USB stick but could not install from it, so I'm back on the old 4Gb one at the moment.

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Enigma2 streaminterface Stream tuner output direct to network.